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I'm the owner of Outlaw Salsa. I should start by saying that I didn't grow up in the Hispanic culture or dancing to Latin music. A female friend of mine randomly asked me one day...Real, what do you think about taking Salsa Lessons? I thought she was joking at first and then I  about it for a few seconds and said Salsa Lessons huh...let's do it and hear I am. I started taking Group Lessons in year 2012 and continued for about a year and a half before I started teaching Private Salsa Lessons on a small scale while I was still a student. I was testing the water to see if i could do it and to gain some experience. As I started teaching, I really started to completely understand and master the overall concept of these two Latin dances of Salsa and Bachata and come into my own. I coincidentally started creating my own original style. Once the concept of my style became mature, I thought to myself, what name can I give the way I dance based on the feedback that I received from others while out dancing and how I perceive it as well. I soon came up with the name, Outlaw Style and thought it would describe it most accurately! After two and a half years of teaching strictly private lessons, I started teaching a couple of small group lessons at two different businesses.  I've now been teaching a total of roughly 4 years. I'm really passionate and appreciate the opportunity to teach each and every student because I love the power in the way Outlaw Style enhances people's lives for the good! It's amazingly thrilling to witness the transition of the students going from Beginner to Outlaws!! 


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