A) Salsa Group Class Offers 2 Dance Levels:  

Beginner - Level 1A   (1 Month)

Beginner Intermediate - Level 1B  (1 Month)

B) Bachata Group Class offers 2 dance levels:   

Beginner - Level 1   (2 Months) 

Intermediate - Level 2   (3 Months at least)

(Group Classes Start On April 2, 2018)

How many months you spend in each class is ultimately up to you but these are our minimum recommendations. Nevertheless, don't hesitate to repeat a class longer than recommended if you feel the need to improve more!   



Our Private Lessons scheduling varies per request but must be scheduled in advance. Lessons last for an hour but sometimes we may be willing to go a little over an hour by 5 to 15 minutes if requested and scheduling allows.


Call, text or email us to reserve your lesson time!

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LEVEL 1A (Beginner / 1 Month)

Level 1A, is a Group Class for those that are new to this formal but spicy style of Ballroom or Line Style Salsa/Bachata. In this class you will learn to be sufficient with the basic steps and 8 count. We will teach you the importance of the steps and count so you can build a solid foundation in becoming as good a dancer as you would desire to be! This class is an absolute must in learning the crucial fundamentals of how to dance in synchronized rhythm with a partner so you're able to smoothly execute your moves within the rhythm of the music with precis!

LEVEL 1B (Beginner Intermediate / 1 Month)

Level 1B, is a Group Class for those that  know the basic steps and count but want to refresh add some swag and flow to their basic steps. It's also for those that just want to refresh or sharpen up their basics if they've become a little rusty. In this class you will learn to be sufficient with the basic steps (Outlaw Style) and the absolute importance of them so you can start to relax more in becoming confident with them! You will start to learn how to lead or follow basic but sharp moves and execute them in synchronized rhythm with a partner so you're able to dance effortlessly, smoothly, and gracefully!  

LEVEL 2 (Intermediate / 3 Months)

Level 2 Group Class is for those that have learned and have the basics pretty well accomplished with little or no doubt. Therefore, you're ready to start learning small and simple combination moves and patterns with Outlaw Expression! Yet, you will be challenged within this level to push yourself just a little as your hand and feet coordination improves. This is when we will start to implement a little more of our Outlaw Moves so you can start to get a pretty good feel for what it means and feels like to dance like an Outlaw!


Private Lessons are for those that would like to learn their particular dance level or techniques on a much faster pace than Group lessons. All of the attention to particular details would be focused on only the attending party to maximize learning and accomplishing the goals of the lesson session. We offer to teach beyond the dance genres of Salsa & Bachata so we're willing to teach other dance styles such as Body Isolation Moves, Merengue, Cumbia, Reggaeton  and Romantic Slow Dance! All Private Lessons are scheduled in advance, by appointments only but flexible scheduling is available.