Dance beyond the kitchen and come begin lessons with us !

We like to Laugh out loud while Seriously learning the Crucial Fundamentals of Dance! 

Live Life with Spice

Become A Dancer And Blossom Into Your Own Original Uniqueness !

Be An Outlaw Dancer

Learn The Rules Of Dance Like A Pro so You Can Break Them Like An Outlaw !

Basics About Us


We predominantly teach the Thriving Hot Latin Dances of Salsa & Bachata within Group and Private Lessons starting on April 2, 2018!  We also teach Dance Choreography Lessons for Special Events such as Exclusive Parties, Weddings and etc.  We will also be hosting special events for Outlaw Dancers to socialize together and passionately express themselves through dance!  


1) Beginner or totally new to Salsa? We welcome you

2) Rhythm challenged or two left feet? We welcome you

3) Socially Awkward? We welcome you, outlaw salsa will surely increase your self confidence and enhance your dance swag!

4) Just looking to improve your dance skills? We welcome you

5) If you're looking for an Upscale, yet loose and stress relieving, fun atmosphere, then this is surely the place for you!


We're absolutely excited about the privilege and opportunity of meeting and teaching our students of multiple ethnicities and backgrounds to dance with freedom but within respect! We aim to make our dance studio an atmosphere of social comfort, fun learning, and a place where individuality through passionate dancing is encouraged! If you're one that struggles with dancing in rhythm or with coordination, we believe we have the skill and knowledge as instructors to definitely improve your dance status. Here at Outlaw Salsa, we desire everyone to be as skilled of a dancer as they would aspire to be! We believe in being relatable to our students in whatever they're dance struggles may be because we understand that everyone learns differently and at a different paste.     

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Our Private Lessons last for an hour but sometimes we may be willing go a little over an hour by 5 to 15 minutes if desired and scheduling allows. We teach all levels of dance from Beginner to the Advanced Level. We also teach multiple genres of dance styles such as Body Isolation Dance/Moves, Slow Romance Dance, Cha-Cha, Merengue, Cumbia etc. You may take your Private Lessons alone are you may include up to 3 others to take your lessons with you (limited to 4 people except for choreography teams). You're welcome to contact us for more information about Private Lessons in other dance styles. 

*Please contact us to reserve your Private Lesson time slot in advance so we can hopefully schedule for the time of your preference.


We offer Dance Choreography Lessons for multiple styles of music and dance for special events such as Exclusive Parties, Weddings and etc. (scheduling by appointment only). 


We're absolutely excited about this new privilege of the opportunity to meet and teach all of our new students of multiple ethnicities and backgrounds! We aim to make our studio an atmosphere of comfort, fun learning and finally, a place of passionate expression of individuality through dance! We sincerely desire for you to be as good a dancer as you aspire to be (an Outlaw on the dance floor)!

Latin salsa bachata group dance lessons studio in Southwest Houston! 


Outlaw Style means to have the courage, boldness and freedom to dance in complete gratifying originality within your own terms within respect! It means to dance with conviction and passion beyond the rules and the typical cookie cutter moves that you may have learned and flipped them to do it your way (breaking the laws of dance lol)!  It's using the dance skills that you've acquired to give you the ability to uniquely execute your dance exactly the way you feel it within your own heart, soul and body as an originator! Exercising your right of this freedom would naturally cause you to be a creator in originality, an artist on your own terms (no one can do it like you when you're original)!

*Don't just dance, dance Outlaw Style !!!!


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